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Dr. Matt Glass
Dr. Matt GlassFounder Manhattan Upper Cervical Chiropractic

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Hi, my name is Dr. Matt Glass. My path to becoming the Doctor I am today started when I developed a serious physical condition in my mid-twenties and found myself on a hospital bed about to undergo a serious medical procedure. During the time getting ready for the procedure there was a moment of awakening for me. As I reflected how I got to this point, I realized that the reason I was there was that ever since i has the first symptom years earlier, I kept following the same medical approach of trying to simply treat the symptom and solve my health problem from the outside-in with pills, potions, and lotions, which at best had offered minor symptomatic relief while the underlying cause of my health issue progressed. I realized in that moment that the key to my healing was within. So I left that hospital bed without the procedure and set out on a path to discover what is healing and how does one accomplish healing in their lives.

I discovered Chiropractic and the simplicity of Chiropractic, just unblocking what is blocked and restoring normal function so one can heal properly. After a period of time under Chiropractic care and lifestyle changes that were congruent with the principles I was being taught, healing was taking place and what once was a crisis became a distant but pivotal memory. After that my path was set, and I vowed to dedicate my life to sharing the philosophy, science and art of Chiropractic with the world.

Dr. Matt Glass earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the world’s leading Chiropractic college, Palmer College of Chiropractic. He earned a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Florida.
  • Dr. Glass is one of just a handfull of Chiropractors in the world that has training in 3 different Upper Cervical Procedures: 1. Qsm3(Quantum Spinal Mecahnics) 2. NUCCA 3. Knee Chest Specific
  • Worked and Trained with the only triple board certified Chiropractor in the U.S. and the founder of Quantum Spinal Mechanics(QSM3)
  • Post Graduate studies in X-Ray Physics, Spinal Mechanics, Upper Cervical Neurology, and Chiropractic Philosophy.
  • Certified Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
  • Certified Crossfit Kids Trainer
  • Member of Delta Sigma Chi – Professional Chiropractic Fraternitiy
Dr. Glass is happily married to his beautiful and amazing wife Saida. He is a former professional golfer and lived and worked in Europe for a few years in his twenties. He is a Vegetarian and enjoys a Chiropractic lifestyle based on non-interference.

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“I’ve seen Dr. Glass for almost 2 years. Initially I was impressed how he was different than the typical chiropractic treatment. I’m a clinical massage therapist of almost 10 years and I am very choosy on who I see for any treatment. He has a great personality and is great at explaining in detail his methods, which all make sense and has broadened my ideas on chiropractic as a whole. Ever since I started with cervical treatments, there’s just no other to compare.”
Christian V.