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Dr. Matt Glass is an Upper Cervical Chiropractor practicing in Manhattan.  Dr. Glass was recently featured on the NBC Affiliate website, WRCBTV.  In his interview he was asked why he felt Manhattan residents are about to experience a coming health problem.

This is what he said,

“There is a health epidemic in our country and Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care should be considered as a fundamental and foundational part of a persons health care strategy. The very first thing we should be looking at when our health starts to falter is our spine, not covering symptoms up with pills.

Just as we get our teeth check in the presence or absence of cavities, our spinal alignment should be checked regularly to maintain optimum neurological function, whether or not we have a symptom.

As bad as the health of our country is at the moment, the future prognosis is frightening unless we all raise our awareness of what it takes to be healthy. As more and more children are raised on technology and they spend all day every day with their heads in a flexed (Text Neck) posture, this is putting damaging pressure on their spine, spinal nerves and their spinal cord and this will result in devastating health conditions as their spines compress and decay due to misalignment and compression.

We are seeing more and more badly damaged spines in younger people due to growing up with technology and the lack of spinal alignment and hygiene. We don’t need more children on medication, we need to address the coming epidemic head on and all get into better alignment.”

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