5 Things A Manhattan, NY Chiropractor Knows About Text Neck

  Remember how your mom always said, "Nothing in life is free"? Well, she was right. High-tech gadgets and smart phones advancing at the speed of light are a modern convenience unlike little else, but the advantages of communication at our fingertips come with a price: text neck. Here are 5 things an Upper-Cervical Chiropractor

Manhattan Chiropractor Predicts Manhattan’s Coming Health Problem

Dr. Matt Glass is an Upper Cervical Chiropractor practicing in Manhattan.  Dr. Glass was recently featured on the NBC Affiliate website, WRCBTV.  In his interview he was asked why he felt Manhattan residents are about to experience a coming health problem. This is what he said, “There is a health epidemic in our country and

Heads Up Manhattan! How Many Problems Can You Spot In This Video?

Heads Up Manhattan!  It's Dr. Matt Glass again.  In this video I took I walk through the Chelsea Markets and recorded some video to show you an epidemic I see taking place in New York.  ...but it's not just New York, this epidemic is affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide.  I want to do

Manhattan Upper Cervical Chiropractor See A Problem In New York!

Hi! I'm Dr. Matt Glass.  I'm an Upper Cervical Chiropractor and I'm opening a new office in Manhattan. In this video I want to talk about a HUGE problem I see in the midst of the Big Apple!  ...it's affecting hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and you could be one of them. Check it out!